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The Importance of Warming Up

Winter is fast approaching and just last week, there’s sight of the first snow on the peak of Mt Yotei which is visible from Focus’s Pilates and Physio clinic in Niseko Japan! As you consider your upcoming winter holiday, be it Japan or other location, it is worth putting some thought into how you are…

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Baked Avocado Boats

Baked avocado egg is simply delicious and is a perfect breakfast dish. It’s healthy, filling and easy to prepare! Also, by baking an avocado, it makes it exceptionally soft and creamy. In addition, Avocado has an insane amount of health benefits. It’s packed with potassium, loaded with healthy fats, high in fibre, rich in vitamin…

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Rev up your Pilates workout

Many of us are creatures of habit when it comes to exercising. We tend to attend the same classes or log the same workout and it’s perfectly normal especially if it’s a class that you simply love or a workout that your body is comfortable with. Though, it’s good to maintain a regular exercise routine…

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