Pilates is a series of exercises which focus on building muscle strength and tone, increasing flexibility, enhancing body alignment and improving posture.

In our daily lives we struggle to build muscle strength evenly throughout all areas of our body including our spine, trunk, arms and legs. Pilates helps us to achieve this by ensuring we concentrate on working all muscle groups with correct technique. Once we have achieved this we can reach our true physical fitness potential.

Group / Private Pilates

Our internationally qualified Pilates instructors offer both private or small group Pilates workouts on Pilates equipment.

Come in for a session to work and warm up your muscles before getting yourself ready to hit the slopes.

Group Reformer Pilates Classes (45 min)

The group classes are a great whole-body workout on the Reformer. These classes are also designed to ensure your muscles are prepared for the demands of the slope. Strengthening and dynamic mobility exercises on the reformer and tower help you perform better and reduce the chances of injuries from an inadequate warm-up.

Private Pilates (60 min)

These sessions are 1on1 and allow your instructor to customise your session based on your needs.

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