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Being prepared physically for your ski/boarding trip has a host of benefits such as ensuring you maximise your time on the slopes as well as minimise the chance of injuries which can easily cut short your time on the slopes.

5 Weeks Online Program

Our ski/snowboard conditioning course will help to progressively strengthen your body targeting the muscle groups and joints most challenged while skiing or snowboarding. The exercises are specifically designed to target all aspects of skiing and snowboarding. While this first class is great as a conditioning session by itself, when taken as the full course, the exercises are gradually progressed to bring your conditioning up to a level in 5 weeks to ensure you are physically as ready as possible.

This course is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

Recommended to do: 2-3 times over a week before progressing to the following session, unless you can easily do the session with good technique. Each session is about 25-30mins.Many of the exercises (especially the myofascial release exercises) can also be done during your trip to minimise muscle soreness. After watching the introduction the first time, you can skip to 3:10 of the video for the exercises.

What do you need to prepare:
An exercise mat, 2 rolled-up bath towels, and a foam roller (or substitute with a new 1.5 litre water bottle).

Note: Some of the exercises are designed to be physically challenging as skiing and snowboarding are strenuous and require appropriate preparation. If you have any injuries (especially knee and back pain) or feel any discomfort at any time, please modify, rest or stop at any time.

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